I would like to share my comments of what I think every user of the Internet should know – netiquette.

“Netiquette” stands for “Internet Etiquette”, and refers to the set of practices created over the years to make the Internet experience pleasant for everyone. Like other forms of etiquette, netiquette is primarily concerned with matters of courtesy in communications. The following sections provide more information.

My comments:

  • Behaviour tendencies on the internet are rather impolite these days. I believe that if you are new Internet user, there will be questions to be answered. Let’s say you ask them on any social site… you will see comments like “why are you asking?” or “ask Google” and then maybe some may be related to your question. Advice for that would be, don’t take anything on the Internet personally.
  • Ok, I agree we should do research first by ourselves before we write a question. But we can ask about experience or other aspect of the matter after we know some information.
  • I think netiquette can help us to deal with the virtual environment or at least to think about it.

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