Still interested in my ideas? Today you can read my comments on blogging. I finished reading several articles so these comments will be based on How do I start a blog?, Blogging for ELT and Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes.

These days set up a blog is a matter of several minutes. The harder part comes then, people start writing and sometimes ask this question afterwards: “what should be the blog content?” Hey, guys! This question should be answered before you start! So many of the bloggers finish at the beginning or worse they use copy and paste method to get some content.

A blog for ELT can have different functions, it can be used and run by the teacher – he can just put the stuff online and share it with his students. This is the most spread use for ELT in my opinion.

Whole class can set up one blog to share their ideas and in the days without Facebook we did this with my class mates. We ran a website as a blog, we shared materials, photos and events. We also made tools to access our school pages and check for substitute lessons so it showed up in our common calendar. There was a small annual fee for each user to pay the hosting. In 2010 almost every classmate had Facebook account and the main plot moved there. There was almost no need to run the blog.

Nowadays this kind of weblogs is very rare because of Facebook. Noone really bothers to run his weblog when he can set up a group on FB and share the same ideas there. But for me blogs are still better organized and modified to the needs of the class.

The last thing is when an individual learner like me sets up a blog. This is very good because he can see all the progress of his and that can be very helpful for another development.

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